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What’s my story…

Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. It is exciting for me to share a bit about how I started and where I come from with you.

I am Tarns a.k.a. Tania originally from NZ and 42 years old.  Perth has been my home since 2002 and I couldn’t be prouder to say this is now my home town.  Although I will always be an All Black fan!

In the beginning…

I come from a corporate background in sales and marketing and for a long time I had been confiding in a friend that I felt I needed a drastic change in my career,  but I had no idea what I wanted to do.  My friend Andrea and I would walk along the South Perth waterfront most afternoons and she suggested I start my own business and it should be something to do with dogs, since I practically accosted everyone and anyone walking their dog, for a cuddle and to hear their tales. So I did! And so began my tale in 2011…

After starting off as franchisee with another company for one year and being trained by a very experienced local groomer, I created A Dog’s Tale in 2012 and went out on my own.

I can honestly say I have a love for dogs I hadn’t really experienced fully in the past as I have always loved animals and had a dog and two cats when I was a small child but as a teenager being away at boarding school and then starting out on my own straight after school, I never seemed to be in a position to have animals of my own.  That all changed as I started this business and not only do I get to groom dogs but have been involved in rescue both in Perth and internationally and it would be fair to say I have found my calling.  I am passionate about our furry family members and their own tales and have a deep concern that we treat them with the respect they deserve and help those that haven’t been as fortunate.  Please feel free to ask me more when we meet as I’m only too willing to share what we’ve been up to and can give you help if you too would like to become involved in whatever capacity you can.

For now though I look forward to speaking with you and meeting both you and your doggies in the near future :)