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My Best Friend

Lucy’s tale…

Lucy is my sweet 9yr old Maltese and this is a photograph of my wee girl. She will be 10 in August 2015.


I met Lucy when I groomed her in October 2011 and in December her owner needed someone to look after her while he travelled home to the UK for a month.  So Lucy came to stay and we had a ball.  She came to work with me, we’d meet friends at dog friendly cafes for coffee, play at the park and the beach  and every day I learnt something new about her.  When her owner came home, he asked me if I would like to keep Lucy as he felt I was able to give her a more outgoing lifestyle;  so Lucy is now my wee girl and we do everything together and I love her very much.  Keep an eye out for her when we come to visit you but don’t worry, if your dog is more of a “people” dog than a “doggy dog” Lucy is very happy to chill out on her sheepskin in the car while I work with your best friend. Lucy is a very loyal dog who only has eyes for mama but will come to you in her own time for a wee pat. She loves men but please don’t pat her behind…she is a lady and would like to get to know you first :) Sometimes you may even get to meet some other doggies who come to hang out at work and I call them my Fur Brigade :) their objective is to bring smiles and collect as many pats and cuddles as they can :)